If you buy one of our Android boxes

We will mail your box to you the next business day upon receipt of the order. It takes one to three working days for the delivery of the package. When you receive your Android box, your access will already be configured.

For TV, just go to the StbEmu (pro) program. Under TV, you have access to more than 1500 channels depending on the choice of your platform (Diablo 2700 HD). All the channels are sorted by languages ​​or by categories such as sports. Under Videoclub you have access to all new movies, series, documentaries and more. Do not update the StbEmu program!

To find out how much time you have left on your subscription, go to ACCOUNT.

When renewing, please indicate that it is a renewal in the Customer Note box.


If you already have your own device  Android, Mag, tablet

When you checkout, provide your MAC address and box type in the Mac Address box. We will send you an email with the procedure to follow within minutes of receiving payment. Check the download tab under information for the procedure to follow on Android. You absolutely need version 0.9.03 of StbEmu to run Diablo on Android, the program is also available for download. Do not update the program!

Do not hesitate to contact us to make sure that the platform is compatible with your device. Roku boxes no longer work with any iptv platform.