The best iptv subscriptions

iptv quebec
Choose the best iptv subscription that suits you
can be a real burden. The data covering this subject is extremely limited and moreover many IPTV providers offer a poor and low-end service.

In this article, we will present to you the best in iptv subscription in Canada (Quebec) and in the world. The most important factor that influenced our ranking of the best iptv providers is the stability of the channels. Then, we logically took into account elements such as the price of the subscription, the medium, the number of channels offered by the subscription,

iptv quebec
  • Activation only by mac address
  • Ultra stable flow without interruption
  • More than 4600 channels
  • All French channels are available
  • 4000 VODs available
  • Backtrack 72H
  • From : 1 month = $25, 3 month = $70, 6 month = $125, 14 month = $220


iptv quebec
  • As stable as diablo ( competitive price )
  • Activation by mac address or m3u list*
  • Ultra HD stream
  • Over 18 channels
  • All the channels are there.
  • Backtrack 48H
  • 75 VODs available
  • From : 1 month = $25, 3 month = $65, 6 month = $110, 1 year = $190


iptv quebec
  • More stable than ok2/ok3, better quality than diablo (Rewind 48H)
  • Activation by mac address and m3u list
  • Ultra HD stream
  • Over 3800 channels
  • All French channels are available
  • 3700 VODs available
  • 24 hour free trial
  • From : 1 month = $20, 3 month = $50, 6 month = $90, 12 month = $150 24 month = $290


What is the best IPTV service in Quebec?

Quebec IPTV

The best subscription in Quebec that you absolutely must get is the Diablo Pro subscription. The most popular subscription

#1 diablo-pro, which is our best IPTV platform especially for Quebec channels, there are series and films in French!

#2 raptor iptv Raptor iptv has over 18 channels et 75 VODs he also has the possibility of doing the backtrack 48H on your channels it also offers 24H test for $3

Subscription Diablo PRO iptv is the most popular in Quebec !!
Diablo pro subscription works with android boxes, formulate z7, Formulate z8 ,formulate z8 pro, Formula GTV ,formulate z10 pro max buzztv, mag or other similar box. Contact us if you have any doubts.

*Does not work on Kodi, Roku,


  • Formulate, Mytvonline 2
  • dreamlink, dreamonline
  • May
  • Chinese box with playstore: download (stb emu free)

also works:

  • apple tv, with ( istb )
  • iphone,( istb )
  • ipad,( istb )
  • smart tv, ( smart stb )

How to have television at home?

1. you must have Android Box

First of all, we recommend that you purchase one of our Android boxes for the best broadcast and image quality and also to ensure that the platform is working properly. We cannot guarantee the quality if you use any device other than our Android boxes. The Diablo subscription is an HD platform that requires a high quality box like the Formuler GTV or the Formuler z10 pro MAX

2. You need to buy a TV subscription

We strongly recommend the subscription diablo-pro,

Check your internet speed!

We recommend a speed of at least 20 Mbps (downstream). Click here to test your speed.


Also, we advise you to plug the Ethernet wire directly into the box, if possible. Otherwise, make sure your router is of good quality and near the Android box (Formuler boxes really need an Ethernet wire)

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