Frequently asked questions.

The fastest way. easy and efficient way to contact us is to use our live chat. But if you prefer that a member of our team contacts you by telephone, you can make a request by email indicating your first name, last name, telephone number and the time at which you would like a call back.

Interac: You can pay by Interac transfer by following the procedure displayed when you have selected Interac transfer and complete your order.
Paypal: You can pay using a paypal account.
Credit card: Paypal offers to process the transaction with a credit card without necessarily having a paypal account.

We strongly recommend an internet connection of at least 20 MBIT in order to avoid delays and other technical problems.
You can use wifi but in many cases where the router is not powerful enough, we recommend connecting your equipment with a network cable.
You can test your connection speed to determine your speed at the following address:

If you have received or obtained a promotional code, you can use it to deduct the amount or the % (percentage) granted from the total amount of your order.
When you go to the shopping cart (top right corner) you will see a box to enter your promo code.
Our billing system will automatically deduct the promotional code from your order total.

We process orders within 24 hours (working day) of payment.
In many cases the order is processed the same day or even a few hours later.
If we ship one or more Android boxes, delivery is the same price and we ship your items by express delivery.

Our support team is available to help you day and night including weekends.
In the event of a problem with the decoder or with your subscription if it was purchased via our website, we can help you get your subscription (or equipment) working.
Charges may apply if you have a problem with an Android box that was not purchased and configured by our team before shipping it to you by mail. We do not refund any android box. You can easily resell it on facebook market or kijiji or other ad sites.

We offer an IPTV service which requires a digital decoder such as the Formuler Z8 which you can find in our shop.
You will also need an internet connection of at least 20 mbit
You can carry your decoder anywhere so you can listen to your favorite channels whether you are in Quebec or outside Canada, so you can listen to your Quebec series from Florida!

For the moment it is not possible to be able to record 2 channels simultaneously.
You can use the guide to schedule multiple recordings at different times on different channels.
You must first have an external storage medium to connect to your decoder (for example an external hard drive and/or a USB key).

It is possible to get more than one Android box by visiting the Shop / Android box section at the top of the menu.
A reduction is automatically applied when you purchase several Android boxes on the same order.
The delivery is free.

It is not possible to use the same account on 2 different Android boxes simultaneously.
An error will appear if the account is already being used by another family member or friend.

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or use the app stbemupro and put the same mac address on both applications, however, be aware that only one can work at a time…

You must first buy credits here .
As soon as your account will be created (1H MAX) you will receive access to your control panel with your desired identifiers. To buy now click here

An activation is NEVER refundable but you can stop the service at any time. The current subscription period will not be refunded in ANY CASE.

mac addresses always start with 00:1A:79
You will find the mac address of your buzztv in the LIVE TV menu
You will find the mac address of your Formuler or Dreamlink in the MYTVONLINE menu

or simply below the box!

For Chinese boxes you must install the Stb emu application (free or pro) which is available on google playstore from your android box. Once the application is installed you will have to look in the application settings for a sequence of numbers named mac address which begins with 00:1A:79.
You have a guide for programming your android box **click here**