We will explain step by step how to change your mac address!:)

Start STB Emulator
Go to Settings of STB Emulator (Top Right)

Select “Profile”

click on Profile

⇒ Select “STB Configuration“

⇒ Select mac address ,

⇒ Click on the mac address ,
⇒ Now you can change it!
be careful not to change the beginning: 00:1A:79… if possible change only the last 2 digits or letters!

⇒ then click on OK,
⇒ Go Back 4x

(don't forget to give the new mac address to your seller)

⇒ Click Menu and then go to Profile.

⇒ Choose The Profile You Created.

⇒ A Yellow Bar Will Progress Which Indicates You've Succeeded!!

Don't Change Anything Else In Setting…Nothing. Restart Profile
⇒ if it doesn't work just restart your box! 🙂
Do Not Share Your Mac Address, Servers Can Detect It And Your Account Will Be Blocked If Two Mac Addresses Are Used At The Same Time.