Payment by bitcoin

1- Register here Shake Pay

(You also have the option to sign up through their App if you prefer to use it on your mobile rather than the web version.)

ShakePay website

2- Click on Register to create a Shakepay account

Register on shakepay

Creating a new Shakepay account is as simple as entering your email address and creating a password. You will then need to read and agree to the Terms of Service (Terms of Use) and the Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy). Next, click the Register button (Sign up).

3- Verify your Shakepay Email Address

shakepay email verification

At this point, the window above should appear and inform you that an email has been sent to your email address for verification purposes.

Check your email inbox for the Shakepay email.

Open the Shakepay email and click Verify (Verify).

Your email address is now verified on Shakepay.

4. Verify your Phone Number on Shakepay

You will also need to verify your cell phone number that you plan to use on Shakepay.

5. Log into your new Shakepay account

You now have a Shakepay account and should receive a welcome email.

You can now log in to Shakepay using the email address and password you entered when you created your Shakepay account.

Connect to Shakepay

There, you are connected.

6. Add Canadian Dollars to your Shakepay account

add Canadian dollars on Shakepay

On the left side menu, you can select Add Funds (Add funds) to add Canadian dollars to your new Shakepay account. You can deposit money via Interac e-Transfer or via Electronic Transfer or Bank Transfer. The Interac e-Transfer has the advantage of being almost instantaneous, while you will have to wait one to two business days for your EFT / Bank Transfer to be deposited on Shakepay.

7. Exchange your Canadian dollars for bitcoins on Shakepay

Once you have Canadian dollars in your Shakepay account, you will be able to exchange them for bitcoins (BTC) by navigating to the Exchange page (Exchange) via the left side menu.

And it's as simple as that. You now have a Shakepay account where you can deposit, withdraw or exchange CAD, Bitcoin and Ethereum

8. Send the Bitcoins to us

  • Add your products to your Basket, then fill in your information (Address, Name, etc.)
  • Payment Method: Click Bitcoin
  • Then on Pay with Bitcoin
  • Copy the address indicated on the site Copy/paste on ShakePay direct 🙂

For any technical problem please contact us [email protected]

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